Building Confidence and Creating Resilience through Positive Mindset

We combine learning expertise; coaching; mental well-being to help you thrive in uncertain times.

We’re based in Scotland, but our work is rooted in a growing international movement, and it works. Far from being fluffy or flash-in-the-pan, growth mindset practice has a neuro-scientifically proven capacity to deliver long-lasting, transformational change.

With our growth mindset work, TeachMindset delivers change to fixed ways of thinking, learning, and doing. We’re making a positive difference to lives and to our futures by challenging prevailing belief systems and barriers to learning.

Meet The Team

Dr John Paul Fitzpatrick


For someone with self-confessed geek tendencies, life is not all about Star Wars for Ayrshire-born TeachMindset founder John Paul Fitzpatrick. Professionally speaking, John Paul’s career has seen him cross the divide from frontline community work to formal education and leadership roles. 

Young people have been a constant, from early youth work days through to supporting children at risk of exclusion from schools, and the development of policy and good practice for looked after children. 

JP’s experience extends to grown-ups too, through extensive school improvement and leadership work with parents and teachers. These days, as a small business owner and qualified executive coach John Paul has a unique insight into the challenges of commerce and applies his growth mindset principles for corporate clients too. As a serial learner, education has played a huge part in John Paul’s life. 

After being told at school that he was too stupid to get a degree, his CV now boasts a BA, an MSc, an MBA and a PhD too. These days, he’s known as Dr JP.

cameron fulton

Cameron is an actor who has walked (often stumbled) along a non-traditional path to the world of acting. From plans of leaving school to join the police cadet program to training as an actor in New York, he has a story or two to tell about disappointment, determination, resilience and often stubbornness. 

Since graduating from New College Lanarkshire in 2015, he has worked extensively in theatre, film, TV and radio, his most recognizable role being his current recurring character Tyler Foulkes in BBC’s River City. 

However, he has also been a banking advisor, call centre worker… and twerking irn bru can outside Murrayfield Stadium, all helping him realize the importance of grit, positivity and “keeping the heid”.

Ross Brown

Professional Football Freestyler Ross has achieved many goals throughout his life, and not just on the pitch! For the past 2 years, Ross has made a living from his greatest passion – turning football into art.

Even more impressive than Ross’ skills is his story – he had never touched a football until he was 16! Being more interested in music and languages throughout his school years, Ross was among the very few boys in his classes who never took part in football matches. He believed that anything was possible through hard work and dedication and in a personal challenge to prove this to himself, he decided he wanted to reach a high level in football – despite no previous experience whatsoever.

Through constant practice and time spent alone with the ball he discovered the sport of freestyle football. After dedicating himself to practicing 6-7 days a week, Ross now does what he loves for a living – from performing at Hampden at the Scotland national team games to wowing crowds on the streets in Glasgow. Ross truly believes anyone can do what they set their mind to and is determined to show this to others.

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