Cammy & JP ready to rock!

It’s been a tough year for all of us. Yet, there is much we can all do to help our own wellbeing. But we often don’t take time to think about our wellbeing as we are so busy dealing with the kids. But the one thing I am sure of is – you gave got this! And we are doing something to help you.

At TeachMindset, we are determined to help everyone flourish. And we are on a mission to get Glasgow’s parents taking good care of their own resilience and wellbeing. That’s why our own Cameron Fulton (also playing Tyler Foulkes in BBC River City at the moment) and I have teamed up with the amazing Glasgow City Parents Group to run a webinar event next Thursday at 7 pm. Access it from the comfort of your couch!

Our ‘Keeping the Heid: beating The LockDown Blues’ promises to be fun, and useful as parents from schools across the city join in our webinar and get to hear from us about what you can do to help your own wellbeing.

Cameron’s own story is amazing and you will hear some of that – after all the actor’s life requires determination; grit and resilience too. You can ask questions live via the chat during the session – but good luck trying to get some BBC River City spoilers out of Cameron, his lips are sealed!

Here’s a quick clip of Cameron chatting about the importance of leaning in and connecting with friends and being honest about how your feeling:

See you all next Thursday! Register now at:

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