As we juggle the immediate priorities facing staff and pupils, we also need to start planning the road for targetted and universal interventions to help our pupils recover and balance health and wellbeing and ensure their academic recovery. We are working flat out to bring you a bespoke package of support based on staff, pupils, and parents’ emerging gaps and health needs. It is vital that we cultivate personal resilience in the whole school team, help them gain clarity and support to make decisions, increase confidence and motivation.

Here is what we can do to help you and your primary or secondary school next session:

SLT and Middle Leadership Development & Coaching to aid recovery

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We work with leaders at all levels, using a combination of tools. Group workshops and profiling are effective ways to create insight into yourself, your team, and your organization.

Educational Recovery CLPL

We have new CLPL taking account of the needs of learners and staff with educational recovery. Our range of teacher training programmes will support you to increase your knowledge and skills. We will help you to understand the issues that may affect your learners from a trauma-informed perspective and support you in planning lessons that effectively build on their learning. We will help you to ensure that all learners have an appetite and the right level of challenge to succeed in their educational attainment.

Workshops for Pupils

Peer Mentoring

We are ready to run pupil peer mentoring programmes in your secondary to boost attainment and equipping learners with the coaching skills to help learners thrive.

iheart Resilience Curriculum

We are licensed to deliver the iheart Resilience and wellbeing curriculum, suitable for upper primary and secondary. The iheart programme is a practical set of tools that help children develop the skills to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings. It’s designed especially for upper primary school and secondary-aged children to listen and explore together.

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