Building Confidence and Creating Resilience through Positive Mindset

iheart Resilience Programme

Fear. Anger. Sadness. Frustration. Our young people need urgent help. The iheart resilience programme is part of the solution to transform youth mental health forever. iheart taps into our innate capacity for perpetual insight and discovery about the logic of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

In today’s world, the increased pressures and demands of daily life can leave us feeling overwhelmed and isolated. In the UK, one in four young people says that sometimes they’re so low and unhappy that it interferes with their daily life.

It’s a grim statistic, but no longer should we idly stand by. This innovative ten session programme introduces young people to their innate potential and resiliency to create a better sense of wellbeing. They explore what makes true happiness in life, who they are, how to deal with stress and manage relationships and emotions. Young people learn a holistic approach to mental health based on unlocking their innate resilience and wellbeing.

What is iheart?

iheart, Innate Health Education And Resilience Training is an exciting resilience in schools programme that seeks to address the mental health crisis we are currently facing. What makes iheart different is that it focuses on prevention. Teaching young people the core belief that we all have the capacity for wellbeing within us and recognising that even though we can’t see it – it is there. 

Through the iheart programme, young people explore their in-built resilience with their minds. They experience first-hand how the mind creates all our realities, feelings we experience and what mood or behaviour follows. Using this programme, they can understand more about themselves, have a greater sense of wellbeing, feel more resilient, think more clearly and make choices they know are right for them – always based on who they indeed are.

This programme empowers young people to achieve their most tremendous potential in health, happiness, and career potential by understanding innate resilience.

We encourage them to see that they have the capacity to positively change their way of thinking, feeling and acting so that they are well equipped to deal with future challenges. The iheart curriculum comprises a range of sessions covering: anxiety; stress, emotional resilience; bullying, dealing with social media, managing emotions and peer relationships. The programme is differentiated appropriately for upper primary and across the whole of secondary school, and each session builds on the previous one.

The Teacher training programme for teachers has recently been validated by Education Scotland.

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