This week, I have enjoyed working alongside Professor Ruth Crick and her team at Jearni – and to say I am excited is an understatement! Ruth’s work at Jearni has the potential to be transformational for education and business alike.

At TeachMindset, we are constantly striving to improve our work – and work in a way that gives us evidence of our impact. As you know – we work across the whole school as well as business and organisational change. But how can you track back the efficacy of your interventions across a business, a school or down to a class level or a leadership team? For example, we know that our coaching positively impacts the individual, but how does this trackback to the whole group or organisational impact?

It’s this very puzzle that has taken me to Ruth and her team. Ruth’s team clearly understands systems change and the inter-relationship between complex problems, learner relationships, and self-leadership. Jearni has developed a framework and tools that learners and change-makers can use to assess their learning powers. Having an embedded approach with sophisticated but appropriate tracking has enormous implications and benefits for our learners and school leaders, particularly as we double down on educational recovery after this last year’s disruption.

Ruth’s work is very harmonious with our work on resilience, leadership, and Mindset, and it’s an understatement to say there is a lot of synergy and crossover with our work. But more importantly than that is the people. From the moment we first met virtually, we all clicked. We all have similar passions, perspectives and also great humour. It’s great when you meet kindred spirits and fellow travellers on the road who passionately believe in helping others achieve their full potential.

There will be more to follow!

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