ELT Leadership Development: Introduction from John Paul

Hello! My name is Dr John Paul Fitzpatrick. I am delighted to be supporting you all this coming year with 1:1 coaching and an ELT Leadership development programme.

We will be providing you all with 3, 1:1 coaching sessions and group leadership development sessions where we will explore themes and issues to help equip you to deal with the challenges you face in supporting staff, pupils and parents. All our sessions are confidential. The advantage of having a coach is that you have a safe space to explore ideas and supportive challenge to your thinking – from supporting staff or making greater impact on a challenge you face.

We kick the process off with you completing a brief questionnaire and a Clarity 4D profile – this provides insight into your preferred ways of working. Only you and me as your coach see this – and we use it as a basis for kick starting our first coaching session together. All of our coaching sessions will be in person or if necessary we can do meet via teams.

Here is a brief over view of the process:

Questionnaire link

In order to start the process, please complete this brief questionnaire:

Launch form

Once you complete this questionnaire we will send a link to complete your Clarity 4D Profile.

If you have any queries, please contact John Paul via [email protected]