Switching off - getting outdoors
Ally exploring Loch Ard

Switching off - getting outdoors

The zen and relaxation that comes from being outside when we’re all busy working 9-5 in the winter months is rare. Glasgow Paddleboarder Co. started in September 2020 because of a curiosity of how I could help others feel the chill that we need in our lives to switch off from a covid fuelled world, when our brains are full of  the ramblings of worry and frustration around being stuck in a tiered system, that we all hate, but that ultimately we all know is there to keep us safe.

There isn’t a better feeling than escaping onto the water and feeling that sense of escape from our own heads. Sometimes escapism is needed. Sometimes we need that break from the noise of children. Sometimes we need that break from the thoughts in our heads. Sometimes, just sometimes, being outside might help your brain to heal, improve your mood. Getting outside reduces feelings of stress or anger, helps you take time out and feel more relaxed, improves your physical health and more than ever just now gives us the opportunity to actually see REAL people in the flesh.

For me paddleboarding has been an 8 year hobby turned business. Nothing beats the sensation of getting out onto flat calm water and gliding along the water and just enjoying life from a different perspective. I’ve yet to coach or take someone out that hasn’t created a smile for the entire time they have been out. There is something exhilirating about seeing wildlife and  working on balance and strength without feeling like loads of effort is needed. Even people that walk by smile when they see you. And so it spirals.

The photo below shows me exploring some islands in Loch Ard, just outside of Aberfoyle. I’m wet because I jumped off a cliff for a bit of thrill seeking. If that isn’t your thing, the chill of paddling to the islands and lying in a hammock, or some wildlife spotting might be. Last summer we sat for 3 hours watching 2 ospreys bomb down,effortlessly pulling trout out the water. Glorious.

If you haven’t given it a go before be sure to check us out.



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