Teacher Professional Development Book Of Year: Learning Walkthrus: 5 steps to instructional coaching

A few months back, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar chat with the amazing Tom Sherrington, author of ‘Learning WalkThrus: Five-Step Guides To Instructional Coaching’ co-written with Oliver Caviglioli. We spoke about the book and gave practical advice to teachers who were participating live. You can see the webinar I did with Tom here:

Learning Walkthru’s is just brilliant.  It is a practical book but one which is visually stunning as well.  It is jam packed with inspirational ideas, making it essential reading for your teacher professional development.

Tom has written a few books including The Learning Rainforest, Great Teaching in Real Classrooms and Rosenshrine’s Principles in Action. His latest, Learning Walkthru’s, is written in a way that is refreshingly quick to the point; practical and accessible.  The book is informed by the latest thinking in professional development and a continuation of Tom’s thinking that extends from his amazing blog, Teacherhead (https://teacherhead.com).

The various chapters of the book cover everything you need to boost your learning and teaching spanning relationships in class right through to  curriculum planning.  There is no waffle – each chapter itself is gold bullion.  Regardless of whether you have been teaching two years or twenty-two, you will find something that connects with your practice and you try with ease knowing that the pedagogy behind it is well researched and evidence based.

Oliver’s accompanying illustrations are simply stunning – they bring the text alive making for a truly visual feast.  Oliver’s work represents a huge lesson for us all in thinking about how to communicate with our learners with greater visual impact to make learning come alive.

During a year like no other, I have read many books on teaching & learning.  However, my recommendation for this year’s book of the year is Learning Walkthru’s. It wins for practicality, accessability, engaging and useful! As a huge fan of Tom’s work throughout the years, this latest work really scaffold’s his ideas and underpinning values of what teaching and learning should be like in a modern classroom where every learner can thrive.

Do yourself a favour and treat yourself! As a present to self, or purchase for colleagues in your department or across the whole school, you can not do better. You can purchase copies for across the whole school. along with their CPD instructional materials at https://www.walkthrus.co.uk

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