Helping everyone flourish

What do we do?

Inspirational workshops on leadership, resilience & wellbeing to help you and your teams thrive.

Helping your school thrive

Amazing workshops to inspire pupils and staff alike.

  • Pupil workshops on confidence, resilience, mindset, wellbeing & leadership.
  • Teacher CPD to help learners thrive.
  • Pupil Peer mentoring training and pupil coaching to support learners.
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leadership for your Business

We help your businesses and organisations thrive.

  • Embedding a mindset culture to help your teams thrive.
  • Leadership development sessions.
  • Coaching and profiling to transform team working.
  • Workshops on resilience and wellbeing.

Powerful Coaching for success

We help you flourish with 1:1 coaching that supports and challenges you to be your best.

  • Individual and group coaching packages.
  • Online or face-to-face coaching.
  • Flexible packages to suit your budgets and requirements.

About Us

TeachMindset delivers change to fixed ways of thinking, learning, and doing. We’re making a positive difference in our lives and futures by challenging prevailing belief systems and barriers to learning.

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